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Profitable growth with minimum risk. E-commerce retailers are concerned with the carrying costs of stock-on-hand and managing complex fulfillment operations.

Drop shipping eliminates upfront inventory requirements, ensuring your able to maintain a positive cash flow cycle. Drop shipments obscure the initial shipper from the customer, allowing you to sell the products without having to deal with the costs associated with physically taking in the goods, along with packaging and handling.

Drop ships eliminate resources that are normally required as only one warehouse picks, packs, and ships the products. This greatly reduces inventory management and associated shipping costs, ultimately allowing you to price more aggressively, vital for today’s competitive retail e-commerce businesses.

HealthCaliber is able to assist clients in better understanding how drop shipping would work for your business, allowing you to determine if it’s the right time to move to this model.

Like all HealthCaliber clients, you will benefit from the expertise and commitment of HealthCaliber’s expert & well-trained personnel as they deliver on the promise of excellent customer service.

Grow your e-commerce business. Alleviate supply chain logistics issues. Improve the end customer experience. Contact us now to learn more about Drop Shipping.