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In the healthcare industry, managing the supply chain requires intense dedication, precision, and safety. For HealthCaliber, a patient is always in the center of the supply chain efforts. HealthCaliber’s patient-focused approach allows working with the healthcare clients to create optimal, efficient supply chain solutions, delivering better outcomes right from order fulfilment to inventory management to disposition management, for both the patients and the healthcare organisations.

From medical device manufacturers, to life science companies, to healthcare providers and natural health product distributors and manufacturers, it is important to leverage an integrated inventory management solution that combines warehousing and distribution capabilities with continuous improvement and a commitment to quality, which is everything fostered by HealthCaliber. The wide mix of capabilities allows providing unique and specialised services and deeply penetrating your supply chain, improving your overall operations. Be it order fulfilment, effective product delivery, or satisfactory disposal, HealthCaliber’s dedicated team has got you covered.

Healthcare clients consider HealthCaliber to be the 3PL partner of choice which offers the best in class services that can be completely and uniquely customisable to fit your needs. The benefits of HealthCaliber’s Warehousing and Distribution services include:

  • A clear accountability and common interest in executing strategies based on client goals
  • Fully licensed and validated inventory management operations to eliminate risks associated with handling various product classifications
  • Logistics expertise merged with insightful analytics that deliver supply chain visibility
  • Advanced capabilities beyond pallet in / pallet out transactions all the way up to disposition management
  • Complete inventory management throughout product movement, storage, order fulfilment, demand planning and replenishment
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environments, direct to business and direct to consumer distribution, cross-docking solutions, picking and packaging
  • Disposition Management Systems in place to reduce cycle times and overall inventory, lower costs and most importantly, improve customer service

To retain the unwavering focus on the patient while operating in the complex healthcare industry, a trustworthy partnership must be in place, integrating warehousing, inventory management, contract logistics, transportation, and technology. HealthCaliber brings all these supply chain operations together to seamlessly manage your healthcare logistics.

HealthCaliber is a diverse third party logistics provider whose operational excellence approach is not just limited to providing these solutions. HealthCaliber carefully listens to you as clients to understand yours and your patients’ needs. From order fulfilment to disposal, HealthCaliber aligns their values and goals to yours, thus ensuring your patients are safe and more than satisfied.